Four Signs You Might Need A New Glasses Prescription

Posted on: 27 September 2016


Eye doctors usually recommend that you come in every year or two for an eye exam to ensure you're still wearing the right glasses prescription. But your prescription can change quite quickly, so it's important to be on the lookout for signs that you need a different prescription in case yours changes before you have an eye appointment scheduled. Other than having a hard time seeing clearly, here are a few signs it may be time for a new glasses prescription.

You notice yourself squinting.

When you squint, you can see things that are far away more clearly. Sometimes when your prescription changes just a little, you may develop this habit without even realizing it. So, pay attention when you're watching TV or looking at other far-off items. Check to see whether you're squinting, or ask a family member to tell you if they see you squinting.

You're getting headaches.

There are many possible causes of headaches, but one common one is an outdated glasses prescription. If your headaches usually appear after you spend some time reading, looking at a computer screen, or driving, your vision may be to blame. The headaches may also be caused by your glasses frames pressing too firmly into the side of your face. Your optician can usually adjust the frames so they fit more comfortably, though if your glasses are non-adjustable, you might have to order new ones.

Your eyes feel tired.

If your prescription is only off a little, you might not notice that you can't see ā€“ just that your eyes get really, really tired after you spend some time using them. Your eyelids might feel heavy, or you may feel the need to close your eyes and rest them after looking at something detailed.

You're getting double vision.

If the vision in one eye changes while the other stays the same, you might develop double vision when you put on your glasses. This can be incredibly frustrating, forcing you to look at things sideways in order to see them clearly. Note that double vision can have other causes, like brain tumors, so call your eye doctor promptly if you have this symptom. They'll make sure you have the right glasses prescription, and if your prescription is not to blame, they can figure out what is wrong.

It's not unusual for a glasses prescription to change, so don't panic if yours does. As long as you call your eye doctor quickly, you'll be seeing clearly again in no time. For more information, contact local professionals like Village Optical.