Five Signs You Need Bifocals

Posted on: 21 April 2017


If you have glasses, you may eventually need bifocals. Wondering if it's time to make the jump? Here are some of the top signs that you should contact your optometrist about bifocals.

1. You Can't Read Text Close Up

The first telltale sign of needing bifocals is that you can no longer see text when close up. If reading a book, magazine or restaurant menu, you may have to hold it further from your face to see the text clearly. However, when it comes to seeing far away, your glasses seem to work fine.

2. You Squint Using the Computer

Due to the rise of digital media, some people hardly ever read printed text that's not on a computer screen. In this case, you may notice yourself squinting while using the computer. It's hard to assess this on your own so consider asking a family member or coworker to look at you occasionally while you're using your computer. They can let you know if you're squinting.

3. You Can't Read the Odometer

Another way to assess your potential need for bifocals is when you are driving. Can you see just fine when you look down the road? If so, your glasses are likely correcting that part of your vision fine. However, what happens when you glance down at the odometer? If that's hard to see, that's an signal that you need bifocals.

4. Your Vision Changes Throughout the Day

In most cases, people need bifocals because the muscles in the part of their eye that deals with close up vision are getting worn out. Because of that, you may notice changes in your vision throughout the day. If you tend to struggle more at the end of the day when your eyes are tired, that may be a sign that your muscles are working overtime during the day and that you need a bit of extra optical help in the form of bifocals.

5. Your "Cheaters" No Longer Work

"Cheaters" are the reading glasses that you can buy from most grocery stores and pharmacies. These glasses typically come in varying degrees of magnifying strength, and they work for a variety of people at first. Eventually, however, you may notice that your cheaters aren't providing the level of help you need. When this happens, you should call your optometrist. They can give you an exam and let you know if it's time to upgrade to bifocals.