When To See The Eye Doctor

Posted on: 18 July 2019


There are a lot of reasons why someone would go to the eye doctor. By learning about the different times when a person may want to go to the eye doctor, you will know that you are going to the right medical professional for your needs, and you will also know that you are treating your eyes the way you should. Here are things to know about times when a visit to your eye doctor would be warranted.

You have an irritated eye from something in it

If you have an irritated eye, then it may be something as simple as having an eyelash in your eye. This can easily take care of itself in a few moments of time. You can try to get the eyelash out of your eye by putting some eyedrops in. However, you never want to rub your eyes because whatever is in your eye can end up scratching your cornea, even if it is just an eyelash. If you find your eye remains irritated for longer than you feel it should, then you should go into the eye doctor. They can flush your eye if necessary and help you to get rid of whatever is causing the irritation.

You have injured your eye

If you have injured your eye, then you are going to want to go into see the eye doctor right away. What may seem like a minor eye injury can end up being a serious one. If you go to the eye doctor for treatment right away, then the eye doctor can make sure that your eye is treated properly and promptly which decreases your chances of having further damages occur due to improper medical care. You can also decrease problems like the possibility of infection setting in.

You have sudden vision changes

Many people have their vision change as time goes on and this is why so many people wear corrective lenses. While these slow changes tend to not require more than annual vision exams and updated lenses, there are changes that should prompt a person to go right to an eye doctor without waiting. If your vision changes over a short amount of time then it can signify anything from a more serious eye problem to a possible health condition and you will want to get to the bottom of the cause right away to rule out more serious possibilities.

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