4 Perks Of Blue Light Filter Glasses

Posted on: 11 June 2020


There's no evidence that frequent screen use can permanently damage your eyes, but it can certainly affect your vision on a short-term basis. Anyone who has spent the entire day looking at a computer screen has probably suffered the effects of blurry vision and burning eyes. The blue light emitted from screens contributes to eye fatigue, but blue light glasses can filter out excess blue light for your benefit. Here are just four of the perks of these specialty glasses: 

1. Blue light glasses combat fatigue.

Most people rely on coffee, soda, and energy drinks to make it through the day, but your low energy problems may not be caused by a lack of caffeine. When your eyes are fatigued, you'll find it more difficult to focus. This is true even for people who are otherwise well-rested. Experts suggest that people take breaks from their screens every 20 minutes, but this isn't always possible in the workplace. Blue light glasses can help you combat fatigue, even when you're unable to take a break.

2. Blue light glasses help you focus.

Staring at a screen for long periods of time can cause blurred vision. This can make it hard to read and type, two things necessary for most people's jobs. This blurring effect is partially caused by the muscle effort required to maintain close focus for long periods of time. However, the glare from the screen contributes to an overall difficulty focusing. Blue light glasses can ease tired eyes, allowing you to work more effectively for longer periods of time.

3. Blue light glasses can be used as needed.

People who already wear glasses are used to having something sitting on the bridge of their nose all day, but this sensation can be bothersome to people who aren't accustomed to it. Fortunately, you don't need to wear blue light glasses all day to reap the benefits. Feel free to take your blue light glasses off when you aren't looking at a screen. Every little bit of blue light filtration helps, even if you only use your glasses for a short period of time.

4. Blue light glasses can even benefit kids.

When people think of the detrimental effects of screen time, they often assume it primarily affects adults who look at a screen all day for work. However, blue light increasingly affects children as well. Many schools now incorporate computers in their curriculum, and kids use electronic devices during their leisure time. Smartphones, video games, and laptops all feature screens which emit blue light. Protect your child's eyes by investing in blue light glasses for them. Blue light filter glasses can be made in small sizes to fit kids' faces.